Ice Cream Return with New Single "Peanut Butter"

Watch a video for the track from the Toronto duo's upcoming LP
Ice Cream Return with New Single 'Peanut Butter'
Toronto duo Ice Cream are back today, giving us a new video for their single "Peanut Butter."

The clip was directed, shot and edited by MISS WORLD, with the track standing as our first taste of Ice Cream's upcoming album, set to arrive in late 2019.

Speaking on the video, Ice Cream's Carlyn Bezic had this to say:

I wrote "Peanut Butter" about a man I served when I was bartending, who thought that ordering an expensive scotch meant he could treat me and my coworkers like dirt. That interaction felt like a microcosm of the world at large: that those with the most power and the most money are, underneath it all, spoiled babies. Peanut butter is a stand-in for their values, getting slathered on everything from the messy hands of a child, leaving us to clean it up.

Watch the video for "Peanut Butter" below.

Ice Cream's forthcoming album will follow their 2016 effort Love, Ice Cream.