"I Like to Move It" DJ Erick Morillo Dead at 49

'I Like to Move It' DJ Erick Morillo Dead at 49
Erick Morillo — the DJ behind a number of producer monikers including Reel 2 Reel, Lil' Mo' Ying Yang with Lou Bega and more — has died. The artist best known for his 1993 hit single "I Like to Move It" was 49 years old.

TMZ has confirmed Morillo's passing, noting that his body was found earlier today in Miami Beach. At press time, local law enforcement has yet to announce a cause of death.

Morillo was a staple performer in Ibiza, Spain, where he hosted MTV Ibiza and was crowned Best International DJ in 2002 and Best House DJ in 1999 at the Pacha Awards. Named after the Ibiza venue, Pacha would host a number of Morillo's "Subliminal Sessions" parties.

Aside from his legendary parties in Spain, the DJ was also known to put on wild shows in London, Amsterdam, Madrid, New York City and Belfast, as well as in Russia, Greece and Malta.

Leading up to his death, Morillo was arrested on sexual battery charges after allegedly making unwanted advances on a fellow female DJ in Miami Beach. He was taken into custody on August 6 this year.

Friends and fans describe Morillo has "troubled," "complex" and not without his issues, but maintain that his sets were "amazing" and that the late DJ was a true legend.

Rest in peace, Erick Morillo.