I Killed the Prom Queen "Thirty One & Sevens" (video)

I Killed the Prom Queen 'Thirty One & Sevens' (video)
A chilling look at future days, the new video for reunited Aussie metalcore crew I Killed the Prom Queen's track "Thirty One & Sevens" finds folks shackled in a mining scheme. That is, until a young pair instigate a heart-stirring worker's revolution.

Crossing some sort of sci-fi/steam punk divide, the ore fields are filled with dirtied-up workers trying to hammer out a living as best they can. When one woman falls on the job, a masked overlord tries to whip her into shape, but a do-gooder goes in for the kill to save his, well, beloved. The rest of the plot involves a chase scene with a floating observational orb and a boss-annihilating riot, while I Killed the Prom Queen manage to steamroll through the song perched on a cliff high above the madness.

As previously reported, Epitaph issues Beloved February 18 in North America and on February 14 in Australia.