I Farm IV

Still strangely unappreciated as they approach the release of their fourth full-length, I Farm have remained a musically consistent band with a healthy, fun approach to punk rock, a trend continued by the aptly-named IV. Still playing ’80s hardcore-influenced punk in the vein of old Propagandhi or modern peers like New Mexican Disaster Squad, I Farm’s strength lies in their ability to meld seemingly chaotic messes of noise into catchy, memorable songs like "I Hit My Head.” Taking the metal influence of their past work even further, some songs, such as "Rayuela,” shift gears so many times in their brief two-minute lifespan that it can be hard to distinguish which blistering intro belongs to which hook-laden verse. Upping the musicianship on tracks like the four-minute-plus "This Is Not a Test” while offering lightening fast, less-then-a-minute punk on "Knucklehead,” I Farm demonstrate a talent for writing songs outside of narrow genre definitions. While the band won’t be making any massive inroads with IV, they are sure to satisfy those interested enough to listen. (Go-Kart)