Hype Williams Return with Surprise '10 / 10' LP

Hype Williams Return with Surprise '10 / 10' LP
Hype Williams have been silent since 2011's One Nation, while the enigmatic Dean Blunt has busied himself by making music under a number of different monikers. Now, the project has seemingly been revived with the arrival of a surprise album.

Titled 10 / 10, the release features 10 new tracks which have never seen release before, according to an email from a band alias sent to Tiny Mix Tapes. You can find a complete listing below.

The record is available for purchase through Bandcamp for £10 and is recommended to be heard with bass boost on as per the release's online description. In the group's typically mysterious fashion, the album can't be streamed ahead of purchasing.

Dean Blunt's last proper solo album arrived with Black Metal in 2014, while he worked under the moniker Babyfather earlier this year.

Read through the tracklist for 10 / 10 below and purchase the record through Bandcamp here.

10 / 10:

1. Deal Breaker
2. Scary
3. Frowsy
4. Failure
5. Diva
6. Brewing
7. Rolling
8. Watch
9. Revelations
10. X-500