Hyde A Beautiful Nightmare

Here are two new discs that could sound great, but end up sounding forced and lacking in cohesion. On their self-titled release, End Of All sounds like they're coming from hardcore roots and are attempting to crossover into the increasingly hip realm of metal (how metal became hip in the hardcore scene remains an annoying mystery). While some of the melodic thrash riffs are considerably smokin', the mixture of black metal, ineffective acoustics, two-minute thrashers and anti-climactic six-minute epics blends into an end product that just distracts, confuses, bothers and then ends. On A Beautiful Nightmare, Hyde opts to stick with straight-ahead hardcore-influenced metal, but it too lacks a punch, both musically and emotionally, and Hyde sounds like many other hardcore bands trying their hand at playing metal. Something is missing with Hyde, with End Of All and with countless other bands of this ilk; it's just not working. (Tribunal)