Husser "Name Another [email protected]" (video)

Husser 'Name Another N!99@' (video)
Though Husser just issued the Junga EP alongside the rest of the Posterz, the Montreal-based rapper is working outside of the box and delivering some extra material too. A new collaborative track between him and Ragers called "Name Another [email protected]" has gone live, supported by a new music video.

The track comes equipped with a lean but dizzying boom bap and the occasional hazy blurt of woodwinds. Husser spends his time on the mic pronouncing his overall dominance. But in addition to noting a proclivity for coke, pot, and slapping you in the face, he admits to a few family problems.

As for the video, it finds Husser and belligerent, middle finger-wagging golden skeletons riding through the streets on old timer-style electric carts.