​Hundreds Injured After Platform Collapses into the Sea at Spain's O Marisquiño Festival

​Hundreds Injured After Platform Collapses into the Sea at Spain's O Marisquiño Festival
More than 300 people have been injured after a massive platform fell into the sea during Spain's O Marisquiño Festival.
The incident took place in Vigo, Spain, around midnight local time last night (August 12), just as rapper Rels B was about to hit the stage.
The structure in question was constructed with concrete and wood, and was very old, according to the city's port authority president. It is believed that the concrete gave way, causing the collapse, though authorities are currently investigating the official cause.
"Suddenly everyone disappeared and everyone was trampling on everyone else as they tried to escape," one concertgoer told El Confidencial [via The Guardian]. "I was with a group of friends when the people beside us fell, as though something had dragged them down."
Many people fell several feet before hitting the ground, while others ended up in the sea.
After an all-night search that included divers and thermal imaging cameras to locate people trapped under rubble, all festival attendees have been accounted for.
Amongst the hundreds of people who sustained minor injuries, nine are said to be seriously injured. Thankfully, none of them are considered to have life-threatening injuries.
The festival has since issued an official statement on the incident, which can be read here in its original Spanish form. A Google translation of the message reads:

The organization of the O Marisquiño Festival deeply regrets the accident of last night and expresses its solidarity with all the injured and their families, who are now the absolute priority for everyone.

O Marisquiño wants to highlight the civility shown by the thousands of people who left the premises in an orderly manner and allowed the work of the rescue and security teams, who did a great job. We thank you publicly for your cooperation.

On the other hand, the precinct is under judicial seal, waiting for the reports of the experts to delimit the technical causes of the collapse of the affected footbridge. The concerts organized by O Marisquiño met the security conditions required by the legislation. We are available to the competent authorities for everything they may need.