Hundred Waters Bass Camp Stage, Pemberton BC, July 19

Hundred Waters Bass Camp Stage, Pemberton BC, July 19
Photo: Joshua Peter Grafstein
Falling right into the beautifully crafted "Out Alee," Hundred Waters graced the Bass Camp Stage on the last day of Pemberton (July 19). Cupping her hands around the mic, Nicole Miglis created an ethereal echo effect to capture the haunting ending of their opening track. The turnout for the relatively unknown band — who are slowly but surely gathering praise for their second album, The Moon Rang Like a Bell — was absolutely abysmal, a spattering of fans covering the front barrier and a few taking up centre ground, but it was the rest of the festivals' loss for missing the stunning performance; Miglis' vocal abilities alone made it worth catching the show.
The fans in attendance, however, made themselves known — during the breathtaking "Chambers," Miglis' vocals at their peak, the small crowd broke into unrestrained cheers and whistles. Dropping to her knees, she struck the first notes of "Show Me Love" and performed the track solo, silencing the crowd in the process. Rolling right into "Murmurs," the unexpectedly rich synth complementing Miglis' gorgeous crooning, several in the crowd actually had tears in their eyes.
A few technical difficulties plagued the set, including an overheated laptop that nearly ended their hour-long performance 30 minutes early. Shouts to improvise brought forth a short a cappella rendition of Macy Gray's "I Try," before Miglis jumped on the keys and pounded out a solo tune while the band's equipment got a reboot. Technical problems or not, and low turnout aside, it was one of the best shows of the festival.