Hubble Unveils 'Hubble Drums'

Hubble Unveils 'Hubble Drums'
Following a recent cassette release on NNA, New York-based, guitar-drone solo artist Hubble (aka Ben Greenberg) has announced his proper full-length debut, Hubble Drums.

Made up of three compositions of stereo-panning guitar sonics, the ambient shred fest comes out November 8 on Northern Spy. Opener "Nude Ghost" is teased as a mix of finger-tapped guitar lines and glacial beats jammed on over the course of a couple days with guests Joe Williams (White Williams), Jon Leland (Janka Nabay, Skeletons) and Matt Papich (Ecstatic Sunshine). You can download the track here.

Perhaps the trippiest song, however, will be "Hubble Hubble," a composition that will also serve as the official soundtrack to a video produced by NASA using images captured by the Hubble Telescope. The minimal tune "produces sheets of sound that circle through three channels, panning left to center to right, creating an aural environment that reflects the space and movement of deep space," according to the press release. Heavy.

A member of experimental outfits Zs and Pygmy Shrews, Greenberg's solo venture has found him exploring his instrument even further, with his "apocalyptic, beat-less quasi-electronic music, conjuring Terry Riley's pulsing minimalist structures and Gregg Ginn's aggressive, avant-garde rock."

Hubble Drums:

1. "Nude Ghost"
2. "Glass Napkin"
3. "Hubble Hubble"

HUBBLE from teresa eggers on Vimeo.