How to Dress Well and TĀLĀ "The One"

How to Dress Well and TĀLĀ 'The One'
How to Dress Well and TĀLĀ are the next pair of artists to take part in Yours Truly's "Start from Scratch" series, and the two production wizards have gone the extra mile by presenting not one but two versions of their collaborative cut, "The One."

How to Dress Well's version starts off with a series of slightly AutoTuned falsetto ad libs wrapping themselves around a staccato house synth, later rolling out penetrative bass sounds and artist-alternating verses.

The TĀLĀ-led version takes the same approach vocally, chewing out "basic friends" while detailing a classic coupling ("It takes two to last forever"). Sonically it lands a little softer, with an assemblage of ambient synths building up through the intro before bringing the boom.

You'll find streams of both cuts down below.