House Shoes "Sweet" (ft. Danny Brown) (video)

House Shoes 'Sweet' (ft. Danny Brown) (video)
Judging by his helium-huffing spitting style, among other things, Detroit spitter Danny Brown is animated enough as it is, but the dude gets extra cartoony in the new hand-drawn video for producer House Shoes' "Sweet." The track was released earlier this year on House Shoes' The Time EP, and you can peep the brand new video clip down below.

Atop a collection of solid pastel backgrounds, we see the 2D animated mug of Brown morphing from his regular floppy-haired self into a number of characters mentioned in his roughly spit song, or otherwise. Highlights of the quick-paced clip include Brown changing into an irate, gap-toothed Porky Pig, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Popeye, and a worm-ridden skull, though we're sure we missed a few other gems in between.