HOTT MT "I'll Never Hate Again" (ft. Wayne Coyne) (video)

HOTT MT 'I'll Never Hate Again' (ft. Wayne Coyne) (video)
Lead Flaming Lip Wayne Coyne seems have have taken Los Angeles psychedelic trio HOTT MT under his wing. Not only did they contribute to the recent Flaming Lips & Heady Fwends collaborative album, but the band got Coyne to guest on their new single, "I'll Never Hate Again."

The black and white clip for this sunny, tropical-tinged psych pop tune is an unsettling one, as it shows the band holding Coyne hostage while wearing masks and wielding musical instruments and a gun. Still, Coyne's apparently dire situation doesn't stop him from singing his half of the duet.

This song will come out on pink seven-inch vinyl through Origami on July 31.

Thanks to Spin for the heads-up.