Hot Springs Break Up

Hot Springs Break Up
And so another band bites the dust — Montreal’s rock’n’roll heart throbs Hot Springs have called it a day. Following the Exclaim!-approved 2007 debut album, Volcano, the Giselle Webber-led project have announced they will all be moving on to new projects, meaning their current tour plans are no more (not to mention any other plans). This means no more trip to Europe. No more playing with Wolf Parade in Brussels. And, above all, no more Tokyo gig with Patrick Watson.

While talking on-air to CBC Radio 3, the ever-electric Webber shed some light on the surprise ending. "I broke up the band,” she said. "We were working on a second album and I went away to Greenland to finish the songwriting and I just kind of realized I didn’t want to do that album with [Hot Springs]. It just was totally in a different direction and it wouldn’t be fair to do it with that project.”

"I wanted to work with another songwriter. I was the only songwriter in Hot Springs and I really, really wanted to work with somebody else who wrote songs too. I was sick of hearing all the same stuff that came out of my own head.”

But with the break-up also comes new beginnings. Webber said she has already formed a new band called Red Mass with members of CPC Gangbangs, another Montreal outfit that recently gave up the ghost. She described the new project’s sound as "psychedelic post-punk” and "a lot more edgy,” but with a folk side to it. She even said that the group already has plans for an album, which would be a double somewhat, with half of it being folk and half be the rock stuff.

"You’re not going to be mad at me after you hear the next one,” Webber said. Okay, we’re going to hold you to that.

Hot Springs "Fog and the Horn"