Hot Kid Got it to Give

Cambridge rock’n’roll duo Hot Kid are quickly becoming live favourites around Ontario for their infectious riffage and inspired performances. Their second self-released record, Got it to Give, is a truly solid collection of unique twang-y rock with an informed alt-rock influence. With wailing vocals and raw, no-nonsense guitar parts, Shiloh Harrison has emerged as a captivating front-woman, and drummer Peter McIntosh propels her voice forward with tasteful thrashing. The two recall early Sonic Youth with "Get on the Road,” which also nods to the classic rock anthem "Journey to the Center of the Mind.” They’re downright poppy on "He’s On My Mind,” while "Ties that Bind” is a haunting country song with a mesmerising hook. The title track sounds like an upbeat Eric’s Trip tune, while "People Using People” and "Knock You Down” is the kind of indignant punk noise that fans of Sleater-Kinney would surely appreciate. Hot Kid are a unique, gritty rock band on the Canadian scene and their star is sure to rise thanks to Got it to Give. (Independent)