Hot Chip's Joe Goddard Goes Solo with New LP

Hot Chip's Joe Goddard Goes Solo with New LP
It seems as if Hot Chip are fast becoming the new Strokes, in that their members are starting to explore solo careers one by one. Beginning with Alexis Taylor's work late last year, secondary vocalist Joe Goddard has revealed that he too will be releasing a solo album.

The record is titled Harvest Festival and will be Goddard's first solo effot. While little is known about the album's sound, a press release says it "winds from woozy ambience to the polyrhythms of London's clubland and back again, and has a strange fixation with fruit." Whatever that means, it sounds delicious.

The album will be dropping on his Greco-Roman imprint on November 2 in Europe so if we're lucky, November 3 in North America.

Harvest Festival:

1. "Apple Bobbing"
2. "Tinned Apricot"
3. "Pear-Shaped"
4. "Strawberry Jam"
5. "Go Bananas"
6. "Half-Time Oranges"
7. "Lemon & Lime (Home Time)"
8. "Tropical Punch"
9. "Sour Grapes"
10. "Pineapple Chunk"
11. "Mango Chutney"
12. "Coconut Shy"