Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor Releases New Solo Album

Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor Releases New Solo Album
Despite a whirlwind year, Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor has somehow found the time for a little solo action on the sly. Minus his usual mates, the glasses-sporting Taylor has dropped a new 15-track album of instrumentals dubbed Rubbed Out, a record "exclusively tailored in places, planes, hotel rooms and at home.”

Taylor’s record is available right now — yes, now — over at Treader, the UK-based label run by Springheel Jack's John Coxon and Ashley Wales. Previously the label has issued a series of low-key and often experimental releases by the likes of J. Spaceman, Matthew Shipp and Evan Parker.

"I just made it, there wasn't any thinking behind it really. It doesn't mean anything in terms of what's happening with Hot Chip," Taylor told NME. "I thought, instead of burying it, it would be better to just release it. We've got a whole load of material that doesn't make sense as Hot Chip music. It's a very personal record."

In related Taylor news, he’s still out with Hot Chip doing the never-ending tour thing (with no dates currently scheduled in Canada) and reportedly working on the band’s Made in the Dark follow-up. And of course, Hot Chip are still remixing the hell out of whatever tracks get thrown their way, even if that involves working with Peter Gabriel.

Here’s the tracklisting for Alexis Taylor’s Rubbed Out

1. "Fireworks”
2. "Plastic Man”
3. "Coming Up”
4. "Baby”
5. "Girl”
6. "I Thought This Was Ours”
7. "I'm Not a Robber”
8. "Collector's Item”
9. "What Good Is Love?”
10. "Musical Food”
11. "O Lord”
12. "I Love My Home”
13. "I'm Juan”
14. "Ruffles”
15. "The Big Drums of Chwodes”

Hot Chip "Ready for the Floor”