Hot Chip Working On New Album, Joy Division and Vampire Weekend Covers

Hot Chip Working On New Album, Joy Division and Vampire Weekend Covers
Despite the fact Hot Chip released their self-described "near-classic blank-pop album” Made in the Dark only a few months back, the British electro pop act are already eyeing a new album, as well as a few choice cover tracks.

While recently talking to BBC Radio 1, Hot Chip front-man Alexis Taylor revealed the band already have several songs ready to go — such as "Alley Cats” and "Thieves In the Night” — for their next record. "The songs are more mid-tempo and disco influenced at the moment," he explained. "Made In The Dark was all over the place mood-wise and quite aggressive at times. But things are a bit calmer this time."

Taylor went on to tell the radio station that the group have recorded a cover version of Joy Division’s classic 1979 single "Transmission” — and at the request of former New Order members. He said the track is due out on an upcoming War Child compilation, adding "It is totally different from Joy Division's original version. It is much more Caribbean-sounding because it features steel pans as the lead instrument."

He also confirmed that Peter Gabriel is indeed having a go at Vampire Weekend’s "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” — which name-drops the former Genesis singer — and said that Hot Chip has teamed up with Gabriel for the rework.

Taylor didn’t give any possible word on when we can expect to sample any of the new Hot Chip material.

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