The Horrors Have A "Bust” Up In Boston

The Horrors Have A 'Bust” Up In Boston
Emerging UK neo-goth punks the Horrors had their set cut short Tuesday night (March 13) after singer Faris Badwan absconded with the venue’s bust of Elvis Presley only to smash it from the stage.

The Boston Herald reports that at the Great Scott in Allston, MA, the anticipated buzz band played for a solid 30 minutes before their front man climbed up on a ledge, grabbed a two-foot Elvis bust and headed back to the stage where he threw it on the dance floor, shattering it into pieces. Though no one was hurt, the venue immediately pulled the plug on the gig and the Horrors were told to vacate the premises.

Badwan claims he was spat on by one of the staff after the incident, which led to a scuffle — which seems to be a growing trend for the pipe cleaner-sized rocker. Last Halloween Badwan was attacked and punched repeatedly on stage in New York during a gig at Stereo in Chelsea. Months prior he was also jumped on the streets of London by a stranger and punched in the face, chipping his tooth and bloodying his nose, all because the assailant couldn’t determine his sex.

The Horrors bring their "psychotic sounds for freaks and weirdos” to Toronto on May 26 (Kool Haus) and Montreal on May 27 (La Tulipe), when they support the equally black-fashion-obsessed Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Their debut album Strange House (on Stolen Transmission Records) will hit stores on May 15.