Horrid Reborn In Sin

Sweden's Horrid have obviously spent many hours worshipping the first two Entombed albums, but who hasn't? That fast and brutal yet melodic style that is known as the "Gothenburg sound" is what Horrid dishes out, and with much success. It's on the heavier end of the spectrum though - no wimpy, frilly shit here, just straight-ahead old school Swedish death done by five guys from Sweden, and done well. Horrid even have that perfect crunchy production sound that goes hand in hand with this genre. It's kind of hard to say this is worth shelling out hard-earned money for, or even money stolen or earned through easy channels, because everyone has the classics of this genre in their collection already. There are no faults on this album though, and it doesn't get boring throughout the 45-minute playing time, so hail for that. (Deadsun)