Holy Shit — Mac DeMarco Has Reached 'TMZ' Status

Holy Shit — Mac DeMarco Has Reached 'TMZ' Status
Anyone who has paid attention to Canadian indie music over the last five years is well-aware of Mac DeMarco's well-deserved success, but it's still hard to gauge just how famous he is. Sure, he's beloved by Nathan Fielder and the kids from Stranger Things, and there are plenty of people begging him to come to Brazil, but now his infamy has reached the next level — celeb gossip.

Best known for celebrity deaths, nip slips and legal documents, TMZ is not the first place you'd expect to find a Captured Tracks signee, but DeMarco was recently featured on the site.

TMZ employee Charlie is apparently a massive Mac DeMarco fan and recently took a photo with Mac and his girlfriend Kiera McNally at a music festival. Unfortunately, the photo was blown out, so Charlie asked them to recreate it.

In all honesty, the video is dumb as hell, and we feel sort of bad for DeMarco and McNally after being accosted like this by TMZ. But maybe this is part of the territory when you reach a TMZ level of fame.

Watch Mac DeMarco on TMZ here.