Holy Fuck "Red Lights" (A Place to Bury Strangers remix) (video)

Holy Fuck 'Red Lights' (A Place to Bury Strangers remix) (video)
You see, this is why competitive sports are fucked. Despite A Place to Bury Strangers' well-done remix of Holy Fuck's "Red Lights" -- which tweaks sonic scrapings and adds a ton of reverb to the funky, '80s cop show vibe of the original -- the accompanying clip's storyline doesn't seem as team-oriented.

Two girls all dolled-up in black face paint get together for a friendly game of hopscotch atop some rocky terrain, but things get heated rather quickly. Apparently, one girl doesn't take to being upstaged and decides to pierce the skull of her competitor like a tomato on a shish kebab.

Lesson learned: don't try to excel at anything. Ever. It just may cost you your life.

Holy Fuck – Red Lights (A Place to Bury Strangers Remix) from Spool on Vimeo.