Holly McNarland Home Is Where My Feet Are

Holly McNarland's career is taking a much more mature path these days. Gone are the heady days of youth where she would gleefully allow pie-smeared photos to be her public persona. Instead, she's disappeared for five years, got married, had a kid and then returned with her second album, Home Is Where My Feet Are. As an album, it takes her into very safe territory where she can compete with Jann Arden and even Sarah MacLachlan for airplay. There's not much in the way of angst or anger here, and the overall mellowness makes it almost step into easy-listening territory. Almost. She manages to retain some of her bite, but the muzzle she now wears no longer makes her the threat she once was. Or to put it another way, she grew up in a more conventional way than anyone could have predicted. Naturally, there is a market for this kind of thing, which is bigger than any of us would want to admit, and Holly will find some success on MuchMoreMusic and other adult audiences, but anyone who enjoyed her earlier releases will be bored by her new and gentler side. (Universal)