​Hollerado Detail 'Born Yesterday' LP, Share New Video

​Hollerado Detail 'Born Yesterday' LP, Share New Video
Hollerado recently unveiled a video for "Born Yesterday," and it turns out that single is also the title track from the band's next record. Born Yesterday will mark the follow-up to 2015's 111 Songs, and it's due out on April 14 through Royal Mountain Records.
The 11-song offering also features a new track called "Grief Money," which was written in a pre-Trump environment, but targets a number of issues that are at the forefront of political debates right now.
The band's lengthy description of the meaning behind the song reads:
We wrote this song before Trump was even a candidate. It's sad that it's an age-old problem; people who are stronger, wealthier, or more powerful trying to impose their will on others.
It is wrong that rich white men have the power to decide what women can do with their bodies, or who is welcome in a country, or that billions of dollars a year are spent to fight a war on drugs that only serves to further institutionalize racism and further marginalize the poorest segments of our society. There is so much wrong with how the world is being run right now, I don't know where to begin.
The way our band sees it is that if you want to shoot ecstasy into your eyeballs and pay another consenting adult to ride around on a unicycle while you fuck a jar of mayonnaise, then good for you! As long as you are not hurting anyone then you should be allowed to do and say whatever you want. And also if you are a mayo banger you are not allowed to criticize those folks who prefer to be dead sober and suck off bottles of ketchup while watching Coronation Street. Those two things should be able to co-exist.
It's easy to feel helpless and frustrated. I feel like rappers are the only ones who are writing protest music these days, almost as if it's an uncool topic for rock bands. Maybe that's because it's futile or maybe because we don't want to sound like our parents in the sixties. Maybe because if someone has the means to be in a touring band, they probably have mainly first world problems they have to face on a daily basis. But we are now way past the point of worrying about being cheesy in a song. We have to say something whenever we have the chance. It doesn't even have to be articulate, as long as the intention is true, the message will send. And we have to do the right thing whenever we can. Small acts of kindness and protest WILL make a difference.
This world is a beautiful place and full of perfect creatures of all shapes and sizes. We don't need to all be best friends but we have to find a way exist on the same planet. For now, it's the best one we have.
In the words of Bill S. Preston Esq. – 'Be Excellent to Each Other'

P.S. If you are extremely wealthy, good for you! Hopefully you did or are doing something to earn it. All you have to do now is show empathy and compassion toward your fellow humans and once in a while do something with your money that benefits people less fortunate. If that's the case, then, CONGRATULATIONS! This song is no longer about you!
"Grief Money" has been given the video treatment, splicing together footage a highlight (or perhaps more accurately, lowlight) reel of some of Trump's most memorable media moments so far.
Scroll past the tracklist for Hollerado's upcoming LP to take in the band's politically charged statement.
You can also head here to see a list of the group's upcoming North American tour dates.
Born Yesterday:
1. Born Yesterday
2. Don't Shake
3. Brick Wall
4. Grief Money
5. I Got You
6. Rollerskater
7. Sorry You're Alright
8. Eloise
9. Better Than The Cure
10. Age Of Communiation
11. If It Is Love