Hollerado "Dragon, Dragon, Tiger, Goat"

Hollerado 'Dragon, Dragon, Tiger, Goat'
Menotick, Ontario rockers Hollerado have announced the details for their "Half World Tour." And while the tour won't actually cover half the world, it will see the band expand the horizons of their small-town upbringing to include dates in Brazil, Argentina and, most notably, China.

The band are doing a lot to celebrate. Besides translating their website into Mandarin, they've also been working on their linguistic chops by recording songs in Mandarin. "Dragon, Dragon, Tiger, Goat" is a fun, goofy anthem that is probably about the three animals mentioned in the title.

The song is a fun, mid-paced diversion complete with guitar solos and gang vocals. It's not quite as gripping as their usual brand of quirky indie pop, but it's definitely charming enough to get us excited about their upcoming China adventure. Thankfully, they'll be blogging the whole thing at Exclaim.ca.

Listen to Hollerado's "Dragon, Dragon, Tiger, Goat" below.