Hit Up the Witch House Gift Guide to Show That Eerie Someone You Care

Hit Up the Witch House Gift Guide to Show That Eerie Someone You Care
Yesterday (December 21), we helped you spread seasonal cheer to the bleak metalhead in your midst with some black metal greeting cards. Unfortunately, that probably wasn't enough to cover the vast spectrum of bleak, netherworldly music fans. Thankfully, we're able to cross another niche genre off our list with the Witch House Gift Guide.

 Presented by music blog Sold Out, the guide includes obvious choices like the vinyl release of Salem's King Night to more detailed gifts like a skull-shaped candle or ring. And no dreary Christmas would be complete without a copy of the Sasha Grey/David Lynch/Steven Soderbergh film The Girlfriend Experience or a mug featuring kittens assembled in a pagan-inspired triangle.

Sold Out ends its post by suggesting witch housers get creative, contacting random Etsy sellers with the following requests for custom merchandise:

- sterling silver "yes i smoke crack" pipe necklace
- "i <3 moog" crossstich
- dollar stored framed print that you ripped the original photo out of and replaced it with a black and white photo of a writhing naked woman with a blurred face
- Pentagram merchandise: quilts you can hang instead of curtains, stuffed animals you can hang from nooses, strings of pentagrams that you can hang on trees in your creepy backyard

We would also like to add clothing inspired by A Nightmare Before Christmas to the list because, let's face it, witch house is the new mall goth.