Hiretsukan Invasive//Exotic

It must be said that anything bearing the G-7 logo is going to be at worst worthy of a serious listen. The label continues its inspiring tradition of only releasing records by bands that have brains with this 16-minute assault from New York's Hiretsukan. The band races through this one rather violently, whipping through six originals and one cover in a true blur of manic hardcore fury. The band adds a healthy amount of melody to their speedy metallic hardcore sound, which is topped off by Michelle's excellent scratchy vocals. The emotion, raw energy and disregard for genre boundaries brings to mind some of the heavier bands that Ebullition Records released in their heyday, particularly the outstanding and sadly forgotten Portraits of Past. The band also covers "Creeping Death," exposing most other "punk bands covering metal" as the frauds they are. The lyrics are well written, thoughtful and printed on 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper to boot. (G-7 Welcoming Committee)