'The Hills Have Eyes' Soundtrack Treated to Deluxe Reissue via One Way Static

'The Hills Have Eyes' Soundtrack Treated to Deluxe Reissue via One Way Static
Two things we know for sure are that The Hills Have Eyes and that our heads have ears. Quite fantastically, those facts both come into play with news that the soundtrack to Wes Craven's 1977 horror flick The Hills Have Eyes will be given a deluxe reissue through One Way Static.

Don Peake's original score for the film, which is about a conflict between a murderous gang of nomads and a family of vacationers stranded in the desert, will be released on vinyl and cassette on January 14.

According to a press release, the vinyl edition comes packaged in a record jacket featuring an "aqueous satin coating & spot gloss high UV finishing," as well as foil stamping on the cover and spine. It will be pressed on both "amber/glow in the dark" and "clear/solid amber" wax in editions of 300 each, while the standard black vinyl comes in a pressing of 1,400.

As for the cassettes, they too are limited to 300 copies and add vintage radio spots and trailer audio to the runtime.

You can see the new cover art above and the tracklist below.

The releases will also be stacked with liner notes from actors Dee Wallace (E.T., Cujo, The Howling), Eric Saarinen (Gimme Shelter, Death Race 2000), Janus Blythe (Phantom of the Paradise, Eaten Alive, The Incredible Melting Man), Michael Berryman (Deadly Blessing, Cut and Run, The Devil's Rejects), Suze Lanier (The Hills Have Eyes Parts 1+2) and film scorer Don Peake.

A CD edition of the score had previously arrived in 2009 through Hitchcock Media.

The upcoming reissue follows One Way Static's recent re-release of another Craven film, Last House on the Left.

UK and European customers can pre-order the reissue here on One Way Static's website, while North American buyers are advised to order it here on Light in the Attic.

The Hills Have Eyes:

1. M2-2
2. M3-3
3. M5-1
4. MQ
5. M1-2
6. M1-3
7. M3-4
8. M3-4, 3-5, 3-6
9. Wild Synth – Wind and Bush
10. M2-6
11. M3-7
12. M4-1
13. M4-4
14. M5-2 Re
15. Oil Can Spout
16. M5-4
17. The Rabbit
18. MQ
19. M1-1
20. M2-1a
21. M2-2 Re
22. M2-5
23. M3-3 Re
24. M3-1
25. M3-8
26. M3-9
27. M4-2
28. M4-5
29. M5-1
30. MQ
31. MQ
32. M5-6
33. M5-7
34.M5-7 Wild Ax Hits
35. MQ
36. M5-8
37. M2-3
38. MQ
39. MQ
40. MQ
41. M4-5