Hey Rosetta! Return with 'Second Sight,' Share New Single

Hey Rosetta! Return with 'Second Sight,' Share New Single
It has been well over three years since Hey Rosetta! released their 2011 album Seeds, and now the dramatic Atlantic Canadian folk rockers are ready to return with a new LP. Second Sight will be out on October 21 through Sonic Records/Warner Music Canada.

Information about the album is still emerging, but a two-and-a-half-minute trailer can be watched below. It features a soul-tinged ballad that accompanies bleakly cinematic visuals, and the clip takes a surreal turn towards the end.

For an additional taste of the album, also hear the jaunty pop-rock single "Kintsukuroi" below. Kintsukuroi refers to the Japanese art of mending broken pottery with adhesive mixed with precious metals.

Frontman Tim Baker wrote on the band's blog on May 31, "We've been busy writing and recording even more this winter/spring. We thought we were done and then we thought we were not done but now we truly are done." He promised that the band would embark on a tour this fall.

UPDATE: The album cover is now above and the tracklist is below.

Second Sight:

1. Soft Offering (For The Oft Suffering)
2. Gold Teeth
3. Dream
4. What Arrows
5. Promise
6. Kid Gloves
7. Neon Beyond
8. Kintsukuroi
9. Cathedral Bells
10. Alcatraz
11. Harriet
12. Trish's Song

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