Hermans End This Could Be A Book

Toronto's Herman's End is a band filled with inner conflict. It appears as though each member has their musical preference spread throughout their debut album, This Could Be A Book, and surprisingly it works rather nicely. The album is lengthy, containing 18 songs clocking in at just under an hour, but the wide range of ideas going on is worth the journey. Beginning with four songs filled with Hüsker Dü-influenced energy and crunching guitars, Herman's End quickly change their role when the fifth track comes in. Based around a CCR, down home guitar lick, "Tasty Breakdown" is more like a drinking sing-along than it is punky anthem predecessors. From there, the music doesn't follow much of a formula at all. Everything from alt-country jams, light rock ballads and psychedelic bursts of noise make up the rest of This Could Be A Book, making the record a joy to listen to. (Independent)