Here Are the 10 Best Canadian Music Videos of the Year 2016 in Lists

Here Are the 10 Best Canadian Music Videos of the Year 2016 in Lists

5. BADBADNOTGOOD ft. Kaytranada
(Directed by Fantavious Fritz)
Music nerds and actual nerds alike will rejoice at the sight of BADBADNOTGOOD and Kaytranada's tag-team clip for "Lavender." The track comes from the former's IV LP, and the video finds the experimental jazzsters seated around a table for an intense game of Dungeons & Dragons. Kaytranada's guest spot arrives in hologram form, adding some extra magic to the nail-bitingly intense tabletop game.

4. A Tribe Called Red
"Stadium Pow Wow"
(Directed by Kevan Funk)
"Stadium Pow Wow" arrived as a standalone single, serving as a precursor to A Tribe Called Red's excellent latest album, We Are the Halluci Nation. And while this track may not have appeared on the record's final tracklisting, the complementary video still left a major impression on us. It captures footage of strong, beautiful Indigenous people in their everyday lives, culminating with a breathtaking traditional dance performance in the middle of a pristine Canadian landscape.

3. PUP
"If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will"
(Directed by Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux)
The melodramatic opening number on PUP's excellent sophomore effort The Dream Is Over, "If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will" got matched with a video that absolutely embodies the song's sentiment. Given how hard these Toronto punks tour, it's hardly surprising that they get on each other nerves once in a while — but this video takes it to some pretty grisly extremes.

2. Tanya Tagaq ft. Shad
(Directed by Chad VanGaalen)
In an amazing amalgamation of some of Canada's best and most musically diverse talents, Tanya Tagaq and Shad enlisted Chad VanGaalen to create the animated visual accompaniment for Retribution track "Centre." In the half-literal, half-totally abstract clip, cartoon characters, words and intricately illustrated backgrounds swirl together to make for a fast-paced, full-on assault of the senses.

1. Drake
"Child's Play"
(Directed by Drake and Carlos "Spiff TV" Suarez)
Drake finally dropped his long-awaited VIEWS in April, with the video for "Child's Play" following it up as something of a dessert course. The clip opens with Drizzy and top model Tyra Banks indulging in some dessert of their own at the Cheesecake Factory, but as you may have guessed by the song's lyrics, things go from romantic to rotten pretty quickly. We're guessing Drake's — or as an angry Banks would say, Aubrey's — fondness for cake has probably dwindled since being on set for this video. "Cheers, boo."