Hercules and Love Affair Set North American Date for Expanded 'Blue Songs'

Hercules and Love Affair Set North American Date for Expanded 'Blue Songs'
Hercules and Love Affair released their sophomore LP, Blue Songs, in the UK back in January, but we've yet to see an official release on this side of the Atlantic. That will finally change on August 16, as Moshi Moshi will put out an expanded version the album here in North America.

This record has been hotly anticipated on both sides of the ocean. After all, the group's self-titled album from 2008 won over music fans all over the world with its disco-dazzled electro tunes.

Of course, many in North America will have listened to the album online already -- you can steam the whole thing in the bottom of this page -- or picked up an import copy. But as an added incentive to grab the domestic version, the band have expanded the 11-song set with three bonus tracks plus a second CD containing seven remixes. The expanded tracklist is below.

In a press release, Hercules leader Andy Butler described Blue Songs like this: "There's definitely jacking house and there's definitely even more full-blown disco, but there's also more experimental, softer music."

Butler and his collaborators will be taking this new, more diverse sound on a U.S. tour in August and September. Before that they have a slew of European dates. See the schedule over at MySpace.

Blue Songs:

CD 1: Blue Songs:

1. "Painted Eyes"
2. "My House"
3. "Answers Come in Dreams"
4. "Leonora"
5. "Boy Blue"
6. "Blue Songs"
7. "Falling"
8. "I Can't Wait"
9. "Step Up"
10. "Visitor"
11. "It's Alright"
12. "Revenge" (bonus track)
13. "Chanel" (bonus track)
14. "Shelter" (bonus track)  

CD 2: remixes

1. "My House (Stopmakingm Remix)"
2. "My House (Tensnake Remix)"
3. "My House (Derrick Carter's BHQ Voodoo Remix)"
4. "My House (Andy Butler Remix)"
 5. "Painted Eyes (In Flagranti Remix)"
6. "Painted Eyes (Moonlight Matters Remix)"
7. "Painted Eyes (Wolfram Remix)"

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