Her Space Holiday to Call It a Day with Final Album

Her Space Holiday to Call It a Day with Final Album
Marc Bianchi has covered a lot of ground over the past 15 years with his Her Space Holiday project. From his early drone work through to the spacey, IDM-style electronic pop of 2001's Manic Expressive to his later, more rockin' work, he's kept the project fresh for himself. Unfortunately, it seems as if the moniker has run its course. Bianchi has just announced the final Her Space Holiday record.

A press release explains that Bianchi will be wrapping up his 15-year run with a self-titled album. Having attempted a breadth of musical styles over the years, the musician "has created a record that encompasses all of the varied sonic themes that have spanned his entire catalogue -- a true snapshot of the Her Space Holiday journey."

Her Space Holiday was recorded in a 150-year-old farmhouse in Bastrop, TX with producer Stephen Ceresia and features a ton of guests. Drummer Eyad Kaileh, who played with Bianchi in early '90s emo outfit Indian Summer, stops by on the set, and guest vocalists include Mice Parade's Caroline Lufkin and Love Like Fire's Ann Yu. You can check out swooning rocker "Black Cat Balloons" here.

Not only has Her Space Holiday's music evolved over the years, so has Bianchi's perspective on life.

"There have been moments of optimism, delusions of grandeur, greatness, failure, self-indulgence, bitterness, humour, finger-pointing, compassion, stupidity, wisdom, joy and loss," the statement reads. "But for better or worse, each moment was part of the experience. And with Her Space Holiday, Marc has distinctly wrapped up one life chapter while simultaneously and optimistically venturing onto the next."

Her Space Holiday comes out August 16 on Bianchi's No More Good Ideas imprint.

Her Space Holiday:

1. "Anything For Progress"

2. "Black Cat Balloons"

3. "Shonanoka"

4. "The Hummingbirds"

5. "Come On All You Soldiers"

6. "The Candle Jumped Over the Spoon"

7. "Ghost In the Garden"

8. "The Bullet, The Battle, The Trigger, The Barrel and Me"

9. "Death of a Writer"

10. "In the Time It Takes for the Lights To Change"