Hellspawn Lords of Eternity

With band members going under the monikers of "Tormentor," "Nekroslayer" and, uh, "Matt," you know this is going to be some pretty serious stuff. And serious Hellspawn are about all things evil and scary. These Australian black metal freaks actually share a member with the severely underrated grind band Damaged, but no comparisons can be made between the two. Hellspawn traverse the path of all things black metal: hilariously over the top Satanism, spiky arm thingies and just enough Olde English font present in the lyric sheet to make it unreadable. As for the music, it sounds like a lot of other black metal: blisteringly fast blast parts mixed with slower atmospheric parts, all entangling into a messy Satanic web of confusion. A treat for the black metal fiends of the world no doubt, as Hellspawn are doing a good job of keeping the fires burning (the fires of hell, of course!), but if you're not a fan of the genre, it's not going hook you in like Emperor or Cradle of Filth could. (Rotten)