Hejira "Echoes" (live video)

Hejira 'Echoes' (live video)
Atmospheric UK act Hejira recently put some more shine on their Prayer Before Birth LP by issuing its "Echoes" as a single. In case you missed the April 28 release via overseas imprint Accidental Records, the band are teasing the release with a new live video for the A-side.

Filmed last fall at London's Round Chapel venue, the live clip finds the band presenting a steadily building guitar line, later beefing up the arrangement with military rolls, booming brass blasts and stirring trade-off vocals.

You can check out Hejira's performance at the church venue down below.

The band are also streaming the studio version of "Echoes," along with the single's exclusive tracks. This includes new tune "Dancing Around Control" and remixes of both tracks from Crewdson and Kwes, respectively. The former offers a few extra touches to the minimalist single, while Kwes reworks his track with layers of digital vocal fuzz, a clicky electronic beat and more.