The Hedrons One More Won't Kill Us

Saccharine and predictable on a musical level, one has to wonder exactly how Scottish quartet the Hedrons have garnered so much momentum in their brief two-year history. Naturally it all makes sense when one puts things into an aesthetic perspective: these girls are attractive and they will sell using their Joan Jett-pilfered image and aural drive. Ignoring those elements of lesser importance however, there is very little on this debut full-length that offers up even a hint of originality or ability beyond basic song structure. One More Won’t Kill Us is plagued by the overall sensation that it was a struggle to even hit things properly that one time in the studio. Sure, straightforwardness can breed unforgettable gems (especially when the tunes are as candied as these "punk” ditties are) but there has to be some sort of substance behind it all. One More Won’t Kill Us fails to realise that, reeking of prefabrication and insincerity. (Measured)