Hear Three Advance Tracks From Slayer's World Painted Blood Now at Exclaim.ca

Hear Three Advance Tracks From Slayer's <i>World Painted Blood</i> Now at Exclaim.ca
Want to be the first on your block to hear some of Slayer's forthcoming studio album World Painted Blood? You've come to the right place. While we will begin streaming the entire album on November 3, we now have a sneak-peek right here at Exclaim.ca.

At this very moment, you can listen to the songs "Hate Worldwide," "Psychopathy Red" and the album's crushing title track, all of which are streaming below.

World Painted Blood marks the thrash metal giants' first double-digit studio effort and second to feature the original line-up since drummer Dave Lombardo's return for 2006's Christ Illusion. The new LP was produced by Greg Fidelman (Metallica, Slipknot) and executively produced by Rick Rubin.

In celebration of the album's release, there are a whack of special plans. The first shipment boasts four special collector's edition CD covers, each containing a piece of a world map illustrated with human skulls and bones. When arranged properly, the images form a complete and grisly map of the world. All four of the initial CD packages will include a special blood-red, see-through top panel with the map displayed beneath it.

Furthermore, the album's deluxe edition will have its own special layout of the map cover art and will be housed in a double-digipak case with a red, transparent plastic sleeve. It will include the album coupled with the Playing with Dolls DVD, a 12-episode video graphic novel created for the band by Metalocalypse director Mark Brooks (including part of a new non-album song), and an expanded booklet.

World Painted Blood is being released via Rubin's American Recordings label and distributed through Sony/BMG on November 3.

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