​Hear the Walkmen's Walter Martin and the National's Matt Berninger Sing About Getting Rejected by Randy Newman

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Feb 22, 2017

The Walkmen's Walter Martin will follow up 2015's Arts & Leisure with an album called My Kinda Music, and ahead of its arrival, he's shared a new collaborative track with his pal Matt Berninger from the National.
The pair previously teamed up for the kid-friendly "We Like the Zoo ('Cause We're Animals Too)," but they've turned their attention to more adult matters on their latest offering. That's right — they're addressing the brutal emotional aftermath of getting rejected by Randy Newman.
The surf-pop tune hears Martin calling up Berninger for some singing advice, and Berninger's baritone offers some helpful singing instructions, before the two fall into harmony. A shocking twist at the end, however, hears Martin revealing that his first choice for the duet was actually none other than Newman — but he didn't even respond to the request.
Berninger takes it all in stride with a: "That would've been awesome."
My Kinda Music is officially out on May 5, and you can see the album's full tracklist down below. Beyond that, hit play to hear the hilarious back-and-forth exchanges between Martin and Berninger on "Hey Matt."
My Kinda Music:
1. The Wishing Well
2. Trip on a Ship (ft. Laura Gibson)
3. Hey Matt (ft. Matt Berninger)
4. Family Tree
5. Child, the Man Said
6. My Kinda Music
7. The Everglades
8. Where'd You Go Uncle Joe?
9. Marco Polo
10. It's a Dream (Night Version)

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