Hear Raise Ghosts New Album 'Only in Darkness We Can Find True Light'

BY Joe Smith-EngelhardtPublished Sep 20, 2019

Toronto punks Raise Ghosts were birthed from the ashes of emo-punk band Peace Be Still after their abrupt end, and now they're back with their debut release, Only in Darkness Can We Find True Light — and Exclaim! is giving you the exclusive first listen.

They bring years of experience from their previous band into the record, infusing it with an invigorating yet melancholic sound. From the soft and sombre tones of "I'm Boned" to the upbeat crunchy guitar riffs on "I Promise," Raise Ghosts offer a lot across the album. 

Only in Darkness Can We Find True Light was recorded, mixed and mastered by Vancouver's Jesse Gander (D.B.S., Japandroids, Bison B.C.) with additional recording from Taylor Barrow. 

In a statement about the album and how they're moving on from their former musical endeavours, the band said: 

Only in Darkness Can We Find True Light has been a two-year journey, which began with the unceremonious end of Peace Be Still. The album closes the chapter on playing in that band for ten years and deals with loss, impermanence, and feeling alone. Raise Ghosts attempts to dovetail these issues and subject matter with music that is as heavy and challenging.

Listen to the entire new record below. 

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