Hear Phil Collins's "In the Air Tonight" Drum Fill Turned into a Sprawling Experimental Masterwork

Hear Phil Collins's 'In the Air Tonight' Drum Fill Turned into a Sprawling Experimental Masterwork
Phil Collins can lay claim to writing one of the most iconic drum fills of all time with "In the Air Tonight." We don't need to tell you which one it is: the fill is fairly plain, yet powerful, and signals the end segment of the man's iconic ballad from 1981's Face Value.

It was inevitable that the Internet would turn Collins's iconic playing into a strange high-brow aural meme, with SoundCloud user josephprein taking Phil's fill and layering it three times. From there, he has one duplicate playing .1% faster and another playing 1.% slower than the original drum track.

The result, which can be heard below, sees the fills shift ever so slightly between syncopation and utter chaos over the course of its hour-plus runtime.

Of course, Collins is now fresh out of retirement and performed "In the Air Tonight" with the Roots on television last year, though there's no guarantees he'll perform this version of the fill live in concert.

Wrap your noggin around the layering experiment in the player below.