Hear Members of Interpol, the Walkmen, Bonny Light Horseman in Muzz's "Broken Tambourine"

Hear Members of Interpol, the Walkmen, Bonny Light Horseman in Muzz's 'Broken Tambourine'
Newly formed supergroup Muzz have released another new single after proclaiming "something Muzzy this way comes" earlier this month. The song is called "Broken Tambourine," and it arrives today via Matador Records alongside a spacey new music video.

The animated clip was created from the combined efforts of Interpol frontman Paul Banks (who performs on the track) and animator/director Griffin Frazen.

In a statement, the band said the song "perfectly encompasses the collaborative essence of Muzz, a group with recordings dating back to 2015, but, cosmically speaking, with seeds planted long ago."

Muzz are made up by Banks as well as his longtime friend, multi-instrumentalist Josh Kaufman (a member of the recently formed Bonny Light Horseman), with drummer Matt Barrick of the Walkmen and Fleet Foxes as the band's third member. All of their varied influences come together on this new project — one that is still somewhat shrouded in mystery.

So far, Muzz have not announced plans for a new record — but earlier this month, they did share another single titled "Bad Feeling." The band hint that these two tracks "offer an early glimpse into [their] dark and expansive sound, and genuine artistic chemistry." Could these the songs signal a more expansive body of work as well? Only time will tell.

While we wait for more information on this developing project, watch the band's new video for "Broken Tambourine" below.