Mark Hoppus Joins A Day to Remember on "Re-Entry"

The Blink-182 bassist features on a new version of the track that first appeared on the band's 2021 album 'You're Welcome'
Mark Hoppus Joins A Day to Remember on 'Re-Entry'
Just in time for the announcement of Ontario's reopening plan for venues, there's A Day to Remember's new single "Re-Entry" — an upbeat, angsty anthem featuring none other than America's sweetheart Mark Hoppus.

The song originally appeared on the Florida pop-punk/metalcore band's thankless 2021 album You're Welcome. Last year was equally big for the Blink-182 bassist, who shared his cancer diagnosis in June and gave fans regular updates on his treatment. In September, he announced that he is officially cancer-free — and open to anything in terms of the future of Blink-182.

"When this song originally took shape, it was without a doubt massively influenced by Blink-182," A Day to Remember vocalist Jeremy McKinnon said of the single in a statement. "So when the idea came up to do a remix of sorts for it, Mark was immediately who we pictured."

McKinnon added: "We sent him the track with no second verse and said to do whatever he was inspired to do and what he sent back genuinely makes the song for me. My younger self still can't believe it exists."

Sounds like a day to remember, indeed.

Listen to "Re-Entry" below.

Hoppus is also slated to make a guest appearance on Avril Lavigne's new album Love Sux.