Hear the Latest from Moonface, Holy Shad and Spencer Burton in Our Music/Video Roundup

Hear the Latest from Moonface, Holy Shad and Spencer Burton in Our Music/Video Roundup
A solid lineup of new album and single streams dominate this week's Music/Video Roundup, in which we alert you to some of the most talked-about material out there. Catch up on things you may have missed below, then be sure to check out our Music/Video section for more new music and videos daily.

Leading off the roundup is a stream of City Wrecker, the latest effort from onetime Wolf Parade/Sunset Rubdown songwriter Spencer Krug. Under his Moonface solo moniker, the five-track effort of stripped-down piano material was written while Krug was living in Finland. Be sure to give the small collection of elaborate arrangements a listen before its September 16 release.

Revealing plans for a collaboration earlier this year, Shad and Holy fuck have unveiled a Scion Sessions-sponsored 7-inch under the name Holy Shad. The single contains two tracks, "The Legend of Cy Borg Pt. 1" and "Pt. 2," and has been described as a "true collaboration" in which the MC and the band are equal creative partners. Stream both tracks in their entirety before getting your hands on a copy from the upcoming limited vinyl run.

After working on solo material under the moniker Grey Kingdom, former Attack in Black member Spencer Burton is set to release Don't Let the World See Your Love under his own name through Dine Alone Records. A collection of charming Canadiana tunes, the new record sees Burton team up with his Attack in Black bandmate Daniel Romano on production duties.

Montreal producer Jacques Greene, meanwhile, has shared his remix of the Toronto R&B star the Weeknd's "What You Need," keeping the dark, moody vibe while making it a little easier to dance to.

Finally, the Wilderness of Manitoba have returned this month with their fourth studio effort, Between Colours. Recorded in their hometown of Toronto, the record also features guest appearances from Michael Phillip Wojewoda of the Rheostatics on theremin and Alex Lifeson of Rush contributing a guitar solo. Hear the 10-track effort in its entirety by clicking the link above.

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