Health Experts Denounce Beyoncé's 22 Days Nutrition Plan

Health Experts Denounce Beyoncé's 22 Days Nutrition Plan
Health experts are warning people against trying out the 22 Days Nutrition plan that Beyoncé swears by.
Bey first unveiled the grueling diet and exercise routine in her Homecoming Netflix special, and shared another video clip of it last week. In it, she reveals that her post-twins weight was 175 pounds and says, "Long way to go."
She previously explained the restrictive food rules she followed, including: "no bread, no carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no meat, no fish, no alcohol."
Then she revealed that she actually did the 22 Days plan twice back-to-back — so, for 44 days in the lead up to her headlining Coachella sets. Of course, that also means she was training every day in addition to rehearsing demanding choreography every day.
Unsurprisingly, experts are not condoning the extreme regimen.
While she recognizes the benefits of a plant-based diet, registered dietician Abby Langer told CTV that moderation would be a better alternative to losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight.
Langer pointed out that Beyoncé has access and resources that most of us don't, including a chef, trainer, assistant and money to pay for it all — making it much more difficult for a regular person to achieve similar results on the 22 Days plan.
Langer also expressed concern that the diet wasn't adequately nourishing, particularly noting that Bey complained about being hungry during a scene in Homecoming, and that such restrictions could contribute to a lasting negative relationship with food.
"We concentrate so much on what we eat but we push to the back-burner the emotional part of it and how food makes us feel," she told CTV. "Having a good relationship with food [means] not feeling guilt or shame about eating."
Langer suggested limiting the amount of highly processed foods entering the body, but warned against "cutting out things you don't need to cut out just because a celebrity tells you they're toxic."
Nevertheless, Beyoncé is making the 22 Days Nutrition Meal Planner available to fans for $99 USD per year. Find more information here, but you should probably check in with a medical professional before going HAM (or lack of ham) on such an extreme diet.
In addition to the recent promotional video, Beyoncé also co-signed the 22 Days diet by contributing an introduction to trainer Marco Borges' book The Greenprint.

Information, resources, referrals and support for Canadians affected by eating disorders is available via NEDIC.