HEALTH Get Color

HEALTH Get Color
When L.A.'s Health first introduced their turbulent noise rock on 2007's self-titled debut, they stood out amongst all of the noise-niks mistreating their gear not just because you could comprehend the song structures but because they mastered the element of surprise, and made their songs sound as good remixed on companion album DISCO as the originals. But Get Color is a revelation as to what surprises Health are capable of. From the onset it's obvious their songwriting chops have sharpened and their curiosity has peaked, as "In Heat" explodes into a configuration that's practically verse-chorus-verse before unravelling into an anarchic coda. Single "Die Slow" adheres even more to the conventional pop song format, moving in a flowing motion while recalling the shrill shoegaze of Medicine. Both "Nice Girls" and "Before Tigers" push My Bloody Valentine's influence to its furthest reach, yet with a combo of tribal rhythmic blasts and filtered guitar effects that form a colossal bubble of sonic ecstasy. As strong as the front half is, the second unfolds with even more latitude and verve, especially in the ringing offensive of "We Are Water." Intricate, wired and beatific, Get Color is a masterpiece that should establish Health as both innovators and agitators.

The songwriting on Get Color has a lot more structure than the previous album.
Bassist John Famiglietti: I think it's just the next logical step and an evolution of our sound. We have gotten better at songwriting.

What would you say is the biggest difference between your albums?

With the first album it was a struggle to make those songs and create our sound and aesthetic. With Get Color, we feel in control of what we do and we know how to do it. We don't want to change anything, just get better at it and expand the vocabulary of sounds. We want to keep progressing and building on what we have.

What made you decide to record the album analog on two-inch tape instead of going digital?
Just trying to chase the recording sound we wanted. After it had been recorded on tape it went to digital and then back to tape. The dream is an album that sounds like Axis: Bold As Love with bigger drums, sub-bass and modern digital separation - didn't happen. From now on, we'll stick to digital, and were gonna get as close as we can to that sound.

Do you expect to make a DISCO companion to Get Color?
Yes, DISCO2 is currently in the works. (Lovepump United)