Headman / Various Relish

Despite the shit-hot profile of its founder, the Relish label has yet to receive the attention it duly merits. Started by Robi Insinna, who people know better as DJ/producer Headman and/or Manhead, the label has produced some burning twelve-inches in its six-year life that have criminally gone unnoticed. Insinna’s a clever guy though, and this titular label showcase will hopefully educate the masses about the talent of this boutique label. Spread across two discs, the idea is to both look back on the label’s best moments as well as ahead to its future prospects. The first disc offers a 15-track mix by Headman, who strings together the garish electro, disco and funk that comprises his roster. The fabulously named David Gilmour Girls from Holland get it going with a hallucinatory Rub ‘N’ Tug remix and from there it progresses into a club-primed spinning party where Liquid Liquid’s Dennis Young, the amazing Franz & Shape and Headman himself fall in at the perfect moment. The real treat on this compilation comes from the unmixed second disc: a brand new track by post-punk legends A Certain Ratio, who haven’t released a note in a decade. Highly influential to all of today’s dance punks (the Rapture, LCD Soundsystem, etc.), the Mancunians go for a seductively discreet groove instead of the high-energy punch of To Each, which shows there’s room for a heady comeback. Elsewhere, Montreal’s fabulous Don Cash gets his freak on with "Baby’s Rad” and Riot in Belgium get crazy with what should be a "new rave” club standard. There’s plenty to discover here, so go ahead and Relish. (Relish)