Headaches "VI" (stream)

Headaches 'VI' (stream)
Canadian-born, Brooklyn-based ambient composer Landon Speers will release his latest album as Headaches next week with the arrival of Aluphor. The new project takes form across digital, audiovisual and cassette platforms, and you can get a glimpse into the ambitious undertaking with a stream of a movement titled "VI."
Dreamy, surreal and pulsating with lively sounds, the musical composition is paired with equally mesmerizing visuals over here. A moonlike sphere spins soothingly against a backdrop of pastel purples and blues, adding an extra element to the all-encompassing experience. The visual website was created by Nathaniel Whitcomb. 
The audio-only track can be heard in the player below. Give it a listen before Aluphor arrives in full on November 6 and head over here to pre-order the album if you like what you hear.