Head Into the Weekend with 'The Hangover Part II,' 'Kung Fu Panda 2' and 'Little White Lies' in Our Film Roundup

Head Into the Weekend with 'The Hangover Part II,' 'Kung Fu Panda 2' and 'Little White Lies' in Our Film Roundup
Well, it was a short week at work, but it will be a big weekend at the movies. So make yourself comfortable and check out just some of the new film reviews up for grabs in our Recently Reviewed section.

First off, expectations are high for Todd Phillips's The Hangover Part II (pictured), which picks up where the first left off and finds the hard-partying and forgetful characters in Bangkok. As the group tries to figure out exactly how to piece the night together, tales of prostitutes, tattoos, gangs and celebrity cameos ensue. But is it worth the price of admission? Read our review and find out.

Another sequel out this weekend is Kung Fu Panda 2. Directed by Jennifer Yuh, the lovable panda Po, voiced by Jack Black, is back in 3D with the Furious Five to battle the evil villainous peacock Shen. But if you want to escape the harsh reality of life when going to the movies, Guillaume Canet's Little White Lies is probably not the movie for you. The ensemble drama tells the story of a group of friends and involves dinner parties, sexual adventures, drugs and ill-fated boat trips.

It would seem that director Liz Garbus can make a 40-year-old chess match somewhat appealing in this next movie. Bobby Fischer Against the World surrounds 1972 world chess champion Bobby Fischer's decline into a world of isolation and anti-Semitism, looking into the pressures of fame and the odd world of an fascinating eccentric. If fashion and documentaries are your thing, though, then check out L'amour Fou, directed by Pierre Thoretton. The biographical documentary takes a look at the life of fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent.

Lastly, before there was Johnny Knoxville and his band of Jackasses, there lived one wild man by the name of Ralph Zavadil. The official Hot Docs selection Beauty Day, directed by Jay Cheel, is a look at the '90s cable access show Cap'n Video. The documentary features interviews with the Cap'n himself, along with old episodes of the show including one instance where the Cap'n had broken his back trying to jump off a ladder into a pool with the cover on it.

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