Hayden Signs to Arts & Crafts for New Album

Hayden Signs to Arts & Crafts for New Album
Since the '90s, Hayden has released albums through Universal in conjunction with his own label, Hardwood Records. Now, the celebrated Canuck songwriter has jumped shipped to Arts & Crafts in advance of his new album.

This forthcoming seventh LP will represent something of a return for Hayden, who has been largely absent from the music world since releasing The Place Where We Lived in 2009. He was reportedly inspired to return to music after his Wikipedia page listed him as dead.

"I've always taken the music extremely seriously, but I've definitely made a few promotional missteps," he said in a statement. "One example would be not doing a single show or interview for my last record. Yes, I put out a record in 2009."

We should point out that, while Hayden hasn't done much to promote his own work, he produced Lou Cannon's self-titled album last year.

We've currently got no concrete information about the new record other than that it will come out through Arts & Crafts, but you can check out a Hayden-directed teaser clip below. It includes a clip of an atmospheric new tune called "Us Alone."

We can expect more information to emerge in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Hayden will be playing some shows in Europe before the end of 2012. See the schedule here.

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