Hawksley Workman and Thomas D'Arcy Premiere Their Debut as Tommy Hawkins

Hawksley Workman and Thomas D'Arcy Premiere Their Debut as Tommy Hawkins
After meeting at a studio in Toronto, Hawksley Workman and Thomas D'Arcy discovered they both shared a mutual admiration for each other's work. The side-project dubbed Tommy Hawkins was effectively born in that moment, and Exclaim! is proud to share the duo's first collaborative EP Amy right here.

A press release reveals that Amy was written and recorded in casual sessions over five months time, split between D'Arcy's Toronto studio, Taurus Recording and Workman's HawksleytownV studio in the village of Burk's Falls, ON. Six tracks in length, the collection of "simmering mid-evening jams" features everything from flashy guitar solos to cinematic crescendos, not only displaying the talent the two multi-instrumentalists share, but the enjoyment they experienced in putting the project together.

In a statement, D'Arcy had this to say about the project:

Hawksley is always pushing the envelope. He'll always try to add the part that's right at the edge of possibility. The impossible fill or the insane lick that seemed to have only overflowed from him in the moment. He took me places I never go. While most music is 'safe' these days, Hawk continues to be a dangerous man.

As for Workman, he said:

Thom is very creatively nimble, he's got an intense focus and is melodically brilliant. I also think he is one of the most under-rated singers in the business. He's a natural, belting tenor and his pitch is flawless, even when he's screaming, which is not easy.

Due out on Friday (November 18) via TDM/Fontana North, Amy can be streamed in full below. You can also order it here.

Formerly of Small Sins, D'Arcy's last solo full-length, Fooled You Twice, arrived last year. Workman, meanwhile, is revisiting a solo full-length of his own by reissuing the Christmas-themed Almost a Full Moon, for which he's lined up a supporting tour in December.